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What We Do

Black Sheep Graphics is a young company that would love to help you with a variety of visual design needs. Services we offer are (but are not limited to)

 * Vehicle Wrap and Graphic Installation and Basic Design

* Wall Decals and Graphics

* Event Signage

* Yard Signs and Banners

* Emergency Vehicle Graphics

* Personal Vehicle Customization

Who We Are


Stephen Moore (owner/operator) has always had a thing for Art and Creativity. However, he fell into the great wide world of graphics entirely on accident!


Thanks to a series of (at the time) odd and troublesome events he was able to open the door to a career that he truly enjoys and has a passion for! Having been blessed with the opportunity to work for one of the best Wide Format Printing and Graphics shops in the state, he has been growing his passion for this industry since 2017. That passion grew into a desire to have his cake and eat it too...thus Black Sheep Graphics was born!

   "I love what I do, and having the chance to create, but I want to do it my way. I want to do it with my own style and flair...Break the mold and show that it is ok to be the different one in the Graphics Family. I am Proud to be the Black Sheep!"  

                                         - Stephen Moore

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